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At Hybrid Automation, we specialize in providing efficient and industry-specific automation solutions to industries. Our team of experts are dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions that enhance productivity, improve quality, and minimize losses. With our expertise, we help enterprises achieve their automation goals and stay ahead in this competitive market.

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Discover how Hybrid Automation can help your company achieve greater productivity, improve quality, and minimize losses with our efficient and industry-specific automation solutions. Our accredited Level 1 BEE engineering Solutions Company is dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of your enterprise.

Hybrid Automation is an approved Siemens global solutions partner that specialises in automation projects, OEE systems, SCADA and integration as well as the supply, installation and commissioning of automation and drives, process instrumentation and motion control. In addition to this, we are a registered Wonderware system integrator and a Dell Technologies authorized partner.

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man in black jacket sitting on black chair

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Hybrid Automation has attained ISO 9001:2015 certification and is listed on the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)website as a SANS 9001:2015 certified entity. This privately-owned business is personally supervised and managed by Singh, who also oversees the daily operations of the business. The company follows global industry trends and is renowned for its diversity, flexibility and efficient utilisation of cutting- edge technology. As an approved Siemens systems integrator, Hybrid Automation is authorised to backup all Siemens automation, drives, process instrumentation and motion control equipment in an efficient and professional manner. “Our knowledge of robotics has allowed us to incorporate the use of cobots (collaborative robots) in the production environment,” explains Singh. “In addition, we supply and support any Siemens industry automation and process instrumentation products, such as PLCs, motors, drives, switchgear and field equipment. We also offer clients a range of world-class technology products, such as consumer IT electronics, electrical and related equipment, underpinned by our technical expertise.

Process Plant batching systems for Food and Beverage Industry.

CIP Systems for Food, Beverage & Pharmacy.

Chemical Process Automation in Petrochem Industry.

High Speed Packaging Machine & Retro fitting.

Robotics in FMCG environment

Turnkey machine Automation.

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